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   1968 (France Gall)    Bring A Little Lovin' (Los Bravos)
   7 Colts Pour Schmoll (Eddy Mitchell)    Bull Of The Woods (The 13th Floor Elevators)
   A Long Time Comin' (The Electric Flag)    By The Time I Get To Phoe ... (Glen Campbell)
   A Man And The Blues (Buddy Guy)    Caravan (Caravan)
   A Morning Raga/An Evening ... (Ravi Shankar)    Cheap Thrills (Big Brother and the Holding Company)
   A New Place In The Sun (Glen Campbell)    Comment Te Dire Adieu (Françoise Hardy)
   A Saucerful Of Secrets (Pink Floyd)    Country Soul (Glen Campbell)
   A Soulful Christmas (James Brown)    Cream Of The Crop (Wanda Jackson)
   Aerial Ballet (Harry Nilsson)    Creedence Clearwater Revi ... (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
   An American Music Band (The Electric Flag)    Cristo Redentor (Harvey Mandel)
   Animal On Est Mal (Gérard Manset)    Crown Of Creation (Jefferson Airplane)
   Another Place Another Tim ... (Jerry Lewis)    Cruising With Ruben & The ... (Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention)
   Anthem Of The Sun (The Grateful Dead)    D'Aventures En Aventures (Serge Lama)
   Any Day Now (Joan Baez)    Dance To The Music (Sly & the Family Stone)
   Aretha In Paris (Aretha Franklin)    Delilah (Tom Jones)
   Aretha Now (Aretha Franklin)    Doctor Dunbar's Prescript ... (Aynsley Dunbar)
   Astral Weeks (Van Morrison)    Donovan In Concert (Donovan)
   Backstage (Chér)    Dragonfly (Dragonfly)
   Baptism (Joan Baez)    Dream Letter (Live In Lon ... (Tim Buckley)
   Barabajagal (Donovan)    Dreams/Answers (Rare Earth)
   Bare Wires (John Mayall)    Electric Ladyland (The Jimi Hendrix Experience)
   Beggars Banquet (The Rolling Stones)    Electric Mud (Muddy Waters)
   Bernard Lavilliers (Bernard Lavilliers)    Éloïse (Claude François)
   Blues From Laurel Canyon (John Mayall)    En Anglais (Françoise Hardy)
   Blues Giant (John Mayall)    Fairport Convention (Fairport Convention)
   Blues On Top Of Blues (B.B. King)    Filles De Kilimanjaro (Miles Davis)
   Bonnie And Clyde (Serge Gainsbourg)    Flash (The Moving Sidewalks)
   Boogie With Canned Heat (Canned Heat)    For Once In My Life (Stevie Wonder)
   Bookends (Simon & Garfunkel)    Friends (The Beach Boys)
   Brigitte Fontaine Est… Fo ... (Brigitte Fontaine)    From St Louie To Frisco (Chuck Berry)

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