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   'Nuff Said (Ike & Tina Turner)    Brand New Morning (Bob Seger)
   1001 Degrees Centigrade (Magma)    Broken Barricades (Procol Harum)
   12 Chansons D'Avant Le Dé ... (Brigitte Fontaine & Jacques Higelin)    Budgie (Budgie)
   17-11-70 (Elton John)    Bye Bye Lily (Dick Rivers)
   2 Years On (The Bee Gees)    Byrdmaniax (The Byrds)
   20 Granite Creek (Moby Grape)    C'Est La Même Chanson (Claude François)
   200 Motels (Frank Zappa)    C'mon Everybody (Elvis Presley)
   4 Way Street (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young)    Cahoots (The Band)
   A Space In Time (Ten Years After)    Carly Simon (Carly Simon)
   Acquiring The Taste (Gentle Giant)    Carry It On (Joan Baez)
   Agua Dulce (Cal Tjader)    Chicago III (Chicago)
   Aimer à Perdre La Raison (Jean Ferrat)    Cold Spring Harbor (Billy Joel)
   Alpha Centauri (Tangerine Dream)    Coming From Reality (Sixto Rodríguez)
   Angel Delight (Fairport Convention)    Crossings (Herbie Hancock)
   Another Cycle (Jimmy Cliff)    Deuce (Rory Gallagher)
   Anticipation (Carly Simon)    Dog Of Two Head (Status Quo)
   Aqualung (Jethro Tull)    Dollars (Quincy Jones)
   At Fillmore East (The Allman Brothers Band)    Dynasty (Stan Getz)
   Babbacombe Lee (Fairport Convention)    E Pluribus Funk (Grand Funk Railroad)
   Baby Batter (Harvey Mandel)    Edgar Winter's White Tras ... (Edgar Winter)
   Back To The Roots (John Mayall)    Electric Warrior (T. Rex)
   Barefoot Boy (Larry Coryell)    Ella à Nice (Ella Fitzgerald)
   Bark (Jefferson Airplane)    Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 ... (Elvis Presley)
   Bird On A Wire (Tim Hardin)    Enregistrement Public A L ... (Michel Sardou)
   Black Rock (The Bar-Kays)    Every Good Boy Deserves F ... (The Moody Blues)
   Black Seeds (The Main Ingredient)    Every Picture Tells A Sto ... (Rod Stewart)
   Black Velvet (O'Donel Levy)    Face À Face (Juliette Gréco)
   Blessed Are... (Joan Baez)    Farther Along (The Byrds)
   Blue (Joni Mitchell)    Ferrat Chante Aragon (Jean Ferrat)
   Brain Capers (Mott the Hoople)    Fillmore East June 1971 (Frank Zappa)

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