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   10 Cola Nuts (Mory Kanté)    Bedtimes Stories (Michael Henderson)
   13è Album (Nino Ferrer)    Bend Sinister (The Fall)
   2 Et 1/2 (Carte de Séjour)    Between Two Fires (Paul Young)
   2 Live Crew Is What We Ar ... (The 2 Live Crew)    Big Brothers (Vulcain)
   5150 (Van Halen)    Big Sexy Land (Revolting Cocks)
   A Date With Elvis (The Cramps)    Big Trouble In Little Chi ... (John Carpenter)
   A Kind Of Magic (Queen)    Blah-Blah-Blah (Iggy Pop)
   Acoustic Heart (Adrian Gurvitz)    Blind Before I Stop (Meat Loaf)
   Alain Souchon : Best Of (Alain Souchon)    Blind Leading The Naked (Violent Femmes)
   Album (Public Image Ltd.)    Blood & Chocolate (Elvis Costello & the Attractions)
   Animal Boy (The Ramones)    Blowfly On Tour '86 (Blowfly)
   Animal Magic (The Blow Monkeys)    Blue City (Ry Cooder)
   Another Step (Kim Wilde)    Bom Bom... (Elli Medeiros)
   Another View (The Velvet Underground)    Born Too Late (Saint Vitus)
   Anything (The Damned)    Born Yesterday (The Everly Brothers)
   Aretha (Aretha Franklin)    Bouncing Off The Satellit ... (The B52's)
   Arno (Arno)    Brighter Than A Thousand ... (Killing Joke)
   Atomizer (Big Black)    Brilleaux (Dr. Feelgood)
   Atrocities (Christian Death)    Bring On The Night (Sting)
   Au Palais Des Sports 84 (Daniel Balavoine)    Brotherhood (New Order)
   Au Zenith (Indochine)    Candy Apple Grey (Hüsker Dü)
   Audio Active (Dennis Bovell)    Captive (The Edge & Michael Brook)
   August (Eric Clapton)    Caught From Behind (Play Dead)
   Aznavour (Charles Aznavour)    Cause For Alarm (Agnostic Front)
   Baby The Stars Shine Brig ... (Everything But The Girl)    Cendres De Lune (Mylène Farmer)
   Back In The High Life (Steve Winwood)    Chapter IV - Le Je-Ne-Sai ... (Trisomie 21 (T21))
   Back To Basics (The Manhattans)    Charlotte For Ever (Charlotte Gainsbourg)
   Balance Of Power (The Electric Light Orchestra)    Chicago 18 (Chicago)
   Beats From A Single Drum (Rose Tattoo)    Chris Isaak (Chris Isaak)
   Bedtime For Democracy (Dead Kennedys)    Christmas Time (Chris Stamey)

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