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   (What's The Story) Mornin ... (Oasis)    Alice In Chains (Alice In Chains)
   ... And The Circus Leaves ... (Kyuss)    Alien 4 (Hawkwind)
   ...And Out Come The Wolve ... (Rancid)    Alien Lanes (Guided By Voices)
   ...And The Beat Goes On! (Scooter)    Alien Love Secrets (Steve Vai)
   ...I Care Because You Do (Aphex Twin)    Alive In America (Steely Dan)
   ...Rocks Your Lame Ass (Hagfish)    Alive In Studio A / Alive ... (Bruce Dickinson)
   16 Horsepower (16 Horsepower)    All Change (Cast)
   311 (311)    All I Want (Tim McGraw)
   69/96 (Cornelius)    All We Got Iz Us (Onyx)
   A Change Of Seasons (Dream Theater)    Allegro Turbo (Les Sheriffs)
   A Future To This Life (Joe Walsh)    Almost Live In Europe (Rick Wakeman)
   A La Française (Arno)    Aloha From Dallas (GG Allin)
   A Means To An End: The Mu ... (Joy Division)    Alpha Oméga (Project Pitchfork)
   A Medio Vivir (Ricky Martin)    Alter Ego (Amanda Lear)
   A Northern Soul (The Verve)    Amid Its Hallowed Mirth (Novembers Doom)
   A Secret Life (Marianne Faithfull)    An Instinct For Detection (Lionrock)
   A Spanner In The Works (Rod Stewart)    Anamorphosée (Mylène Farmer)
   A Stable Reference (Labradford)    Angels Embrace (Jon Anderson)
   A.M. (Wilco)    Angry Dogs (Stranger)
   About Time (Pennywise)    Answer That & Stay Fashio ... (AFI)
   About Time (The Stranglers)    Antartida (John Cale)
   Above (Mad Season)    Antichrist (Gorgoroth)
   Adios Amigos (The Ramones)    Archive One (Dave Clarke)
   Adrenaline (Deftones)    Astro-Creep: 2000 (White Zombie)
   Advance And Follow (VNV Nation)    At The End Of The Cliché (Carl Cox)
   Afraid Of Sunlight (Marillion)    Au Mépris Du Danger (Sinclair)
   African Space Craft (Keziah Jones)    Bad Brothers (Ronny Jordan)
   Afterglow (Dr. John)    Balance (Van Halen)
   Aggregates 1-26 (Arto Lindsay)    Ball-Hog Or Tugboat? (Mike Watt)
   Ain't Had Enough Fun (Little Feat)    Ballbreaker (AC/DC)

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