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   (Hed)P.E. ((Hed)P.E.)    Aïollywood (Massilia Sound System)
   *NSYNC (*Nsync)    Album Of The Year (Faith No More)
   ...Play Nine Songs With M ... (Oblivians)    All Areas - Worldwide (Accept)
   ...The Dandy Warhols Come ... (The Dandy Warhols)    All Or Nothing - Live (Steve Marriott)
   12 Grandes Chansons (Les Cowboys Fringants)    All Saints (All Saints)
   20th Century Blues (Marianne Faithfull)    All That Matters (Michael Bolton)
   23am (Robert Miles)    Alors... (Pigalle)
   30 (Laurent Garnier)    Amarillo Ramp (For Robert ... (Lee Ranaldo)
   430 N. Harper Ave. (Jude)    America/Brasil (Herbie Mann)
   A Bestiary Of (The Creatures)    American Psycho (The Misfits)
   A Cappella Live (Linton Johnson)    Andromeda Heights (Prefab Sprout)
   A Consommer Sans Modérati ... (Michael Jones)    Angels Fall First (Nightwish)
   A Fistful Of Alice (Alice Cooper)    Angry Samoans (Boo-yaa Tribe)
   A Live - Tour 97 (Trust)    Anthology (Manowar)
   A Midsummer Night's Dream (Steve Hackett)    Anyway The Wind Blows: Th ... (J.J. Cale)
   A New Day As Come (Céline Dion)    Apistogramma: Upcoming An ... (Trumans Water)
   A New High In Low (Pigface)    Apollo Choco (Audio Active)
   A New Stereophonic Sound ... (Hooverphonic)    Appointment With His Maje ... (Burning Spear)
   A Short Album About Love (The Divine Comedy)    Around The Fur (Deftones)
   A Story (Yoko Ono)    Ass Cobra (Turbonegro)
   A Triumph For Man (Mew)    Assiko City (Kristo Numpuby)
   A-Sides (Soundgarden)    Au Coeur De La Nuit (Téléphone)
   A7 (Alexandra Roos)    Autoditacker (Mouse on Mars)
   Accident Of Birth (Bruce Dickinson)    Azadi (Junoon)
   Accidentally Classic (Freddy Fresh)    Back In Business (EPMD)
   Accomplice (Accomplice)    Backstreet's Back (Backstreet Boys)
   Acid Mothers Temple & The ... (Acid Mothers Temple)    Baiser (Miossec)
   Acoustic Live (Nils Lofgren)    Banyan (Banyan)
   Across From Midnight (Joe Cocker)    Barely Legal (The Hives)
   Aftertaste (Helmet)    Barrel Of A Gun (Depeche Mode)

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