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   ''Happy'' In Galoshes (Scott Weiland)    Accelerate (R.E.M.)
   ''How To Walk Away'' Demo ... (Juliana Hatfield)    Acid Tongue (Jenny Lewis)
   '78 (China Forbes)    Acoustic And Electric (Asia)
   (Well You Know) Stuff Is ... (22 Pistepirkko)    Activity Center (Tahiti 80)
   ...Live In Chicago (Panic! at the Disco)    Adorata (The Gutter Twins)
   0.9 (Booba)    Adrenalin (Die Apokalyptischen Reiter)
   11 (Bryan Adams)    Afterparty Babies (Cadence Weapon)
   13 à Table (Trust)    Against The Dead Hand (To The Bone)
   13th Star (Fish)    Agony & Irony (Alkaline Trio)
   14 (Charli XCX)    Ah La La (Edgar de l'Est)
   19 (Adèle)    Ah... Si Tu Pouvais Ferme ... (Patrick Sébastien)
   22 Dreams (Paul Weller)    Aimer Ce Que Nous Sommes (Christophe)
   24 Hours (Tom Jones)    Akolabuzi (Stuntman 5)
   3 Bats Live (Meat Loaf)    Alas I Cannot Swim (Laura Marling)
   30 (Buzzcocks)    Alik (Orchestre National De Barbès)
   4:13 Dream (The Cure)    All (Colour Haze)
   808s & Heartbreak (Kanye West)    All Hope Is Gone (Slipknot)
   A Brand New World (Rare Earth)    All Or Nothing (The Subways)
   A Guy In Blue (Guy Marchand)    All Sides (O.A.R. (Of a Revolution))
   À L'Attaque! (Loïc Lantoine)    All The Good Shit - 14 So ... (Sum 41)
   À L'Aveuglette (Françoiz Breut)    All Yall (Gringo Star)
   A Little Bit Longer (Jonas Brothers)    Allo C'est Moi (Lynda Lemay)
   A Love Extreme (Benji Hughes)    Almost Unplugged (Europe)
   A Mouthful (The Do)    Along Came A Spider (Alice Cooper)
   A New Thought For Christm ... (Melissa Etheridge)    América Brasil: O Disco (Seu Jorge)
   A Perfect Place (Mike Patton)    American EP (The Chemical Brothers)
   A Sense Of Purpose (In Flames)    Americana (Roch Voisine)
   A Swingin' Christmas (Tony Bennett)    Amerikkka Macht Frei (Undercover Slut)
   A Tempo! A Tempo! (Valina)    Amours Suprêmes (Daniel Darc)
   Abstract Innovations (Q-Tip)    An Evening With Aidan Joh ... (Aidan Moffat)

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